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At My Shire Houses, we pride ourselves in creating whimsical structures that can be lived in and loved, all year round. Originally inspired by the fantastical architecture of the Tolkein books, we are passionate about preserving the handcrafted and characteristic nature of each of our designs; we are also the first and original company in the UK creating Pods with our signature round-door. From this, our company has been featured on Channel 4's George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, and retweeted by Stephen Fry Read our story HERE . With a vision of artfulness and imagination, we want to help people have a little bit of real magic in their own lives.

Materials gathered from sustainable resources

FSC Grade Timber and use of recycled materials

Use local tradesmen to support our community, as it supports us

Traditional building style without the use of plastics or PVC

Our structures are designed around the reduced rate offered by the Caravan Act Pods, meaning that they are subject to the discounted VAT of 5%. They are also built to be much stronger and robust than most on the market as the base of our Pods are made with a thicker 6 by 3-inch pressure-treated frame. Therefore, there is no need to spend the usual £1,000 on a concrete base for your Shire Houses structure when our Pods can be placed on blocks or railway sleepers.

Through our background of cabinet and fine-furniture making, ​we are eager to keep traditional hand skills alive and to offer you beautiful bespoke structures.


The SHire Pod

(Bathroom & Kitchen Included with all fittings)

The Shire Pod - 6m x 3.2m


The Shire Pod - 7m x 3.2m


The Mezzanine Pod - My Shire Houses



(Bathroom & Kitchen Included, Large Open Space & Mezzanine Bedrooms for king-size beds)

(Option 1) 6m x 3.2m x 3.4m with one Mezzanine Floor 


 (Option 2) 7m x 3.2m x 3.4m with one Mezzanine Floor


(Option 3) 7m x 3.2m x 3.4m with two Mezzanine Floors 


The Mini Pod - My Shire Houses

The MINI Pod

(Empty Interior Space)

The Mini Pod - 4.8m x 2.6m



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...Brand new

Treehouse design

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