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Planning Permission


You will need to get planning permission.  Other companies may tell you otherwise, but you will need to seek full planning permission if you intend on renting out your Pod/s.

Over the last 10 years our Pods have been based all over the country in various sensitive areas including:

  • Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

  • Greenbelt Area's

  • Back Garden's

  • School's

  • Hotel Accommodation's

  • Health Spa's

  • Woodland's

  • Garden's as Annexes'

and other beautiful spots all over the British countryside.

These temporary structures are made using natural timbers and with the shape and colour of these bespoke wooden designs, in all, helps your project blend into a natural landscape. 

You will also need planning for a site with multiple structures to allow for advanced sewage systems, which we have used many times.

In my experience these bio mass sewage systems are always discreet and well hidden. 


I would always highly recommend asking a professional to do your planning application for you and once you have paid a 10% deposit, I can provide you with the full CAD drawings which you'll need for your application..


Please note, if you’re planning permission is not accepted for any reason then I offer a full refund of your 10% deposit. Evidence of refusal must be provided.

However, I am offering this advice with such confidence as I have never had one refused. 

Our Pods boost tourism and bring money to the area's that need help with their economy, plus they are all wheelchair accessible, allowing for wheelchair users to have more options out there when it comes to holidaying in Britain!

This is something that I’m extremely passionate about. I spent a considerable amount of time in a wheelchair myself, therefore - Disability Inclusion is important to me and i'm aware of the lack of wheelchair access  currently available in pods. I have worked with the disabled community to promote this and I was the first person to make glamping pods wheelchair accessible in the UK!

Please feel free to contact us for any further advice!

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