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Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, asked by potential buyers. If we don't answer your question here, please feel free to enquire!

Q: Do the Shire Pods require Planning Permission?

A:  Home Applications- Where Pods are required for domestic use to the main dwelling (such as a home office) then planning permission is not required. However, we strongly advise you to seek confirmation from your local planning authority.


Business Applications - Planning permission is required for the change of use of land to allow the siting of one or more Pods for tourism and holiday accommodation use. I would always advise that you get planning permission or seek advice from your local council before investing in a Shire Pod.

Q: How does payment work?

A: After enquiring and receiving your full specification and quote for your chosen Pod, should you choose to order one, you will then receive a payment plan in a Pro-forma invoice contract to be paid into the My Shire Houses Ltd. Business Account. Payment plans are sent out in contract form and have several payment options:

  1. 10% Deposit to secure your booking and build of your Pod followed by 40% Payment 30 days before the construction of your Shire Pod. The final 50% payment is required after the completion of the Shire Pod and before delivery.

  2. 50% payment before the construction of the Shire Pod.

  3. The final 40% payment is required after the completion of the Shire Pod and before delivery.


Q: Is delivery included?

A: No. The cost of delivering the Shire Pods is not included in the total price, however, we are happy to arrange this for you through our team to ensure you receive a safe and reliable service.

Q: Are My Shire Houses environmentally friendly?

A: Yes! Unlike some other companies in the industry, all of our work is built in Britain, in our Cotswold workshop. The excellent insulation and double glazing we use in our Pods means that the Pods retain superb thermal efficiency and low energy consumption. All of our timber is FSC grade standard, and all other materials are ethically & responsibly sourced. All lighting in the Pods is LED.

Q: Do the Pods come with a warranty?

A: As a company, we are liable for the design and any issues for 6 years. We are eager to keep in touch with clients and can advise on the proper maintenance of your Shire Pod. Proper maintenance of this wood (using a recommended treatment once a year) will sustain the high quality of the build. The Pods are made from the same strong and robust timber that would be used for a timer-framed house build (Cedar, Larch & Oak) and will, therefore, last as long as you take care of the wood.


Q: Do the Pods come as a flat pack build?

A: No. These structures are bespoke, and each design is handcrafted in our workshop, therefore they cannot be arranged in flat-pack.


Q: Is My Shire Houses a Camping/Glamping site?

A: No. We are the creators and designers of the Pods and do not personally have a site in which we rent the Pods out. If you check out our directory on this site, we can direct you to many sites across the UK in which you can visit/stay in one of our Pods from clients -who have begun successful holiday lets and rentable accommodation stays using our Pods- before deciding to make an order with us.


Q: How long do the Shire Pods take to make?

A: We have a team of four people in the workshop and build a Pod every 10 days. We are always booked up for a minimum of two months ahead and sometimes 4 to 6 months ahead depending on the time of year. If you are interested in booking, then it is always advisable to clarify with me over the phone, regarding next available slot times. 


Q: Can the Pods be craned over houses into my back garden?

A: Each Pod is made individually in our Cotswolds workshop and is transported and craned on-site. My Shire Houses have the contacts to put the Pods almost anywhere. Give us a call to discuss any worries about moving and placing the Pod, that you may have.


Q: Can the Pods be delivered into fields/grasslands?

A: Yes. We have specifically fabricated steel trailer made to allow you to tow the Pods into almost any position that a tractor could access. The trailers are available to borrow for free of charge, following an arrangement of delivery of your Shire Pod.


Q: Are the Pods warm enough to live in/rent out all year round?

A: Yes. The Pods are insulated with Rockwool - the UK's leading manufacturer in sustainable non-combustible stone wool insulation- to keep your Pod warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Q: How do the Pods fare in extreme weather conditions?

A: The Shire Pods have been carefully built and designed to be as robust as possible, using hardened timber and strong materials. We use much thicker materials than our competitors and thicker insulation. For example, we have many clients who have ordered Pods to Scotland and Scottish Highlands; where he Pods are placed on clifftops, next to the sea in extreme weather conditions and withstand wind speeds of up to 150mph! If you are worried about extreme weather conditions, we can offer optional upgrades such as cedar cladding and inclusive porch areas.


Q: Do the Pods have space for a king-size bed?

A: Yes. There is space for a king-size bed with entry from the front of the bed. However, a standard double bed allows bed access and walking space around the bed.

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